The Icicle Race
The Icicle race was introduced in 1986 after discussions between 
David Kerridge (then Sailing secretary) and John Williams (then Class Captain).
The rules are that the boats must be helmed by people who are not regular helms in the class.
Normal racing conditions apply. (3 sails etc.)
In 2002, a cup was presented by Mr and Mrs Hall in memory of their son Steve
who died tragically at a young age.  He had been a regular crew in Vim.
Mr and Mrs Hall have presented the Cup each year since 2002 on the day of the race.
1996 Osprey Gordon Sutton
1997 Pegasus James Skellorn
1998 Apollo Francis Prosser
1999 Osprey Ian Sharps
2000 Guillemot Tim Hunt
2001 Thunderer Hugh Williams
2002 Mandalay Mike Ling
2003 Pegasus Jeff Bacon
2004 Goosander Dean Barker
2005 Avocet Nick Little
2006 Avocet Ellie Martin
2007 Sirius Mary Stamp
2008 Not Sailed
2009 Guillemot Tim Hunt
2010 Mars Rosie Davey
2011 Pegasus Will Patten
2012 Guillemot Tim Hunt
2013 Pegasus Pete Smallwood
2014 Polly Oliver Bob Portway
2015 Pegasus Ed Smallwood
2016 Guillemot Tim Hunt
2017 Teal Giles Wright
2018 Not Sailed
2019 Not Sailed