Endeavour Trophy 
Presented by Vim & Guillemot in April 2000
For the best supporter of the Racing Program
who failed to win a series prize
Method of working out results:-  Disregard winners of the 3 series and the Championships.
                                                 Then add all the scores of each boat in all the races in the 3 series including DNS and DNF etc.
Winner is the boat with least points
2000      Pegasus  D Kerridge
2001      Avocet       R Chenery & D Sharps
2002     Pegasus     D Kerridge
2003 Pegasus     D Kerridge
2004 Gannet R Tate
2005 Thunderer J Williams
2006 Telamon G Sutton
2007 Thunderer J Williams
2008 Pegasus  D Kerridge
2009 Pegasus  D Kerridge
2010 Telamon G Sutton
2011 Telamon G Sutton
2012 Thunderer J Williams
2013 Teal R Tate
2014 Guillemot D Mayne & K Douglas
2015 Thunderer J Williams
2016 Guillemot D Mayne & K Douglas
2017 Thunderer J Williams
2018 Teal R Tate
2019 Pegasus B Joslin